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Jason Pyrz - 10th Time is the Charm!

Team Captain Speed Racer 2020 Virtual CowaLUNGa Charity Bike Tour

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A full decade of Cows! This will be my tenth ride in the RHA's CowaLUNGa bike tour, and I've got my eyes on that 10-year trophy to bring home this year! While this won't be an official 3-day ride like years past - on account of COVID-19 requiring mass events like this to go virtual - we're still logging our miles and some of us may even meet up to ride at least one day of the route. Regardless, the money raised is because the Respiratory Health Association needs it to do their work - not because I rode a bunch of miles on my bike. Trust me, nobody is more disappointed than I am that we're not able to do the full Cow this year. As I mentioned above, this is my 10th CowaLUNGa, and I'm probably in the best shape of my life. Gone is my chance to finally make it up Heart Attack Hill at the end of day 1. Gone is my chance to get my 10-year trophy during the dinner and award ceremony at the end of day 2. Hopefully, that doesn't mean that this will also be the first time I ever miss my fundraising commitment. 

The Respiratory Health Association, as its name suggests, is dedicated to healthy lungs - what is it that COVID-19 is going after? Our lungs. There are a number of organizations doing a lot of extraordinary things right now, from front-line responders, to those working on cures and vaccines, to those working to educate and support the general public. The money raised by the RHA goes toward a number of programs ranging from lung disease research, to helping kids control their asthma. I've been lucky enough to be present when we've presented research grants to doctors doing work that isn't otherwise hitting people's radars because lung disease (until recently) wasn't an overly sexy topic worthy of a spot in the news cycle.

But what about me? Click here to find out more about me and my rides, and view a ton of pictures from previous rides: