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Last year was very special to me.  On my 10th climb, along with Kari’s crazy-beautiful friends who come out every year - Kari’s family came out.  Her sister and cousin climbed with us - her mom and god-mom waited at the top.  Last year - my 17th climb - Kari’s niece & nephew, Eva Kari & Garrett and their parents Alyssa & Charlie we’re in the stairwells with us.  Kari’s mom was there too.  And we were splashed in Kari’s favorite colors - rainbow tie-dye.  We were loud and proud!  That’s Eva Kari in the picture on the left.

Kari never met Eva & Garrett - she would adore them.  They are fun, amazing, good young human beings...  And can you imagine how I felt having them included in all of the amazing people who surround me in that stairwell?  I’ve been breathing with Kari’s beautiful lungs for nearly 20 years - the first 39 years of my life I struggled, and I never-ever imagined breathing could feel this amazing.  I never imagined life could be this easy.  And 12 years after receiving Kari’s gift,  Kari’s beautiful friend, Alex, gave me one of her kidneys when mine failed and I thought this all might be ending.  So far, Alex has given me another 7 years with Kari’s lungs.

.I'll update this story soon, but Please consider climbing with me or making a donation.